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  比雷埃夫斯 PIRAEUS 出口急件专线代理           ★★★ 【字体:
比雷埃夫斯 PIRAEUS 出口急件专线代理
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经纬度:37 ° 57'0"N,23 ° 40'0"E
锚地:港口入口处 1.50 海里

港务局: Piraeus Port Authority S. A.
地址: 10 Akti Miaouli
Piraeus 185 38
电话: 210 4550229
传真: 210 4550310

(INCL. AGHIOS GEORGIOS:37-57-00N/23-38-00E, AND DRAPETZONA:37-56-00N/23-39-00E) FUEL: GAS OIL, FUEL OIL AND MIXTURES OF BOTH TO A CERTAIN VISCOSITY AVAILABLE. DRY DOCK:LENGTH 136.40M, DEPT 9.20M. 希腊商港。位于该国东南萨洛尼克湾东北岸。雅典之西南,临爱琴海。北距该国第二大港萨洛尼卡港256海里、东北距伊斯坦布尔港360海里、东距伊兹密尔港198海里、东南距累梅索斯港522海里,南距塞得港590海里。港口主要由南港和北港组成。南港即中心港区,位于港市之西-向内陆凹入的天然港湾内,口门有南北短防波堤保护,入港航道水深14-25米,港内水域1.1平方公里,沿边顺岸和突堤码头线总长8333米。其中货运码头线4123米,包括在2个集装箱码头,总长700米,6个滚装船泊位,前沿水深2.8-12.5米;客运码头线总长2890米,前沿水深6.5-11.8米。北港即赫尔库利斯港区,在中心港之西北约2海里,由突堤和不规则的港池组成,码头线总长4783米,前沿水深7.1-9.7米,为散货港区,目前在该港区东南正在把原防波堤加宽成突堤,作为集装箱专用码头,码头线总长1200米,水深14米,集装箱处理能力可达90万标准箱。南北港之间及北港西海岸还 分布一些企业自备码头。全港货物吞吐每年在1500万吨以上,为希腊最大吞吐港,也是东地中海国际中转港之一;集装箱吞吐50万标准箱,以上是地中海岸十大集装箱吞吐港之一。

Piraeus is about six miles southwest of Athens. Humans have lived there since the 26th Century BC. In the late 6th Century BC, Hippias fortified the peninsula, and the Port of Piraeus became an important deep-water harbor.
Port History
Piraeus was a separate city from ancient Athens, but it has long served as Athen's port. Themistocles built fortifications and turned the Port of Piraeus into a military harbor in 493 BC. Shipyards were also created, and Athen's powerful fleet was built there. The Port of Piraeus was a naval base for centuries. However, it suffered greatly during the Peloponnesian War and could not compete with the Port of Rhodes. Still, in the 4th Century BC, it included three arsenals that could contain almost 400 ships.
Piraeus?fate is inextricably linked to that of Athens. When Sparta occupied Athens, its rage fell on the Port of Piraeus. The city's walls and 搒hips?houses?were destroyed and its warships surrendered. In 393 BC after democracy was restored, Conon rebuilt the walls and built new temples and structures. Reconstruction continued during the reign of Alexander the Great.
When Rome captured the Port of Piraeus in 86 BC, it destroyed the city once again. Then in 395 AD, the Goths brought further destruction and 15 centuries of decline. Its name was even forgotten. The Port of Piraeus was used occasionally by the Turks, but it remained for the most part deserted until a permanent settlement was established there in 1829. Even then, it was only a collection of huts and farm buildings populated by fishermen.
When today's Greek state was created in 1832 with Athens as its capital, The Port of Piraeus once again blossomed. Established as a municipality in 1835, its 300 inhabitants elected their first major. It soon became the main port and second biggest city in Greece. The Port of Piraeus benefited from its proximity to Athens, from 1869 rail connections, industrial development, and the 1893 opening of the Corinth Canal. By the end of the 1800s, over 50 thousand people lived there.
Port Commerce
The Port of Piraeus Authority was established in 1930 to manage growing traffic and port development. In the early 1900s, population exploded. By 1928, over 250 thousand people called it home. But Greece's involvement in World War II brought progress to a halt. After the war, the city started growing again, and the port and city were repaired.
Today, the Port of Pireaus is the third largest city and the largest port in Greece, although it's been absorbed into Athens. Many areas of the ancient port and shipbuilding yards have been excavated, and parts of the old Themistoclean wall survive in seaside promenades.
The Port of Piraeus?Container Terminal has throughput of 1.4 million TEUs, making it the main container port in the East Mediterranean. The terminal occupies over 900 thousand square meters, including 626 thousand square meters. The terminal offers docks of 763 meters at depths from 11.5 to 16 meters. The Port of Piraeus also has car terminals for handling, storing, and shipping vehicles. Conventional cargo passes through the facilities at the nearby Hercules Port in Keratsini, also in Athens.
Cruising and Travel
The Port of Piraeus is Europe's biggest passenger port and one of the largest in the world, serving 20 million passengers a year. It's a major hub between inland Greece, the Aegean Islands, Crete, and the southeastern European Union. The Port can berth 12 vessels at the same time, including the largest of today's cruise ships. It boasts a state-of-the-art infrastructure for cruise ships, and all popular cruise lines visit the port. You can find a comprehensive list of cruises visiting the Port of Piraeus on the Cruise Compete website.结合国内外物流实际状况,建设了相当完善的实体运作网络和信息网络,利用我们丰厚的物流服务经验,力图达到供应链各个环节的无缝衔接,为客户提供满意、高效的物流服务。

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